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11 June 2010 @ 08:04 am
Copious amounts of coffee was needed this morning. This week has been hell week. Yesterday I worked my third 12 hour (really 13 hour) shift ..and did not sleep after I came home. Cursed insomnia!!! Too much coffee most likely..its my blood these days. With that, I bring you this.. which was dug up out of the sand with help from a friend. sadly no rum was involved.

Oh and .. Movies of the decade:
1. Italicize the movies you watched
2. Bold the movies you watched and liked.
3. Strike the ones you  watched and disliked
4. Leave as is movies you haven’t seen.
5. Post your answers.

1     Pan’s Labyrinth - 2006
2     Ratatouille - 2007
3     Spirited Away - 2002
4     Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The - 2003
5     Sideways - 2004
6     WALL-E - 2008
7     Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - 2000
8     There Will Be Blood - 2007
9     Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The - 2001
10     Queen, The - 2006
11     No Country for Old Men - 2007
12     Incredibles, The - 2004
13     Almost Famous - 2000
14     Gosford Park - 2001
15     United 93 - 2006
16     Lost in Translation - 2003
17     House of Flying Daggers - 2004
18     Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan - 2006
19     Finding Nemo - 2003
20     Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - 2004
the rest..Collapse )
90     Monsters, Inc. - 2001
91    28 Weeks Later… - 2007
92     Hellboy II: The Golden Army - 2008
93     Punch-Drunk Love - 2002
94     Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - 2009
95     Insomnia - 2002
96     Zodiac - 2007
97     Kung Fu Hustle - 2005
98     Aviator, The - 2004
99     Happy Feet - 2006
100     8 Mile - 2002

I counted 55 movies seen...just over half. not bad, not bad at all.
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04 January 2010 @ 05:00 pm
[Book, film, and tv; read, watched or to be so in the near future of 2010.]


Black Magic Sanction - by Kim Harrison
Dreamfever - by Karen Marie Moning
Faefever - by Karen Marie Moning
Fate of the Jedi: Outcast - by Aaron Allston
Fate of the Jedi: Omen - by Christine Golden (reading now)
Fate of the Jedi: Abyss - by Troy Denning*
Fate of the Jedi: Backlash - by Aaron Allston*
Fate of the Jedi: Allies - by Christine Golden*
Garden Spells - by Sarah Addison Allen
Legacy of the Force: Betrayal - by Aaron Allston
Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines - by Karen Traviss
Legacy of the Force: Tempest - by Troy Denning
Legacy of the Force: Exile - by Aaron Allston
Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice - by Karen Traviss
Legacy of the Force: Inferno - by Troy Denning
Legacy of the Force: Fury - by Aaron Allston
Legacy of the Force: Revelation - by Karen Traviss
Legacy of the Force: Invincible - by Troy Denning
Mageborn Traitor - by Melanie Rawn
No Mercy - by Sherrilyn Kenyon (reading now)
Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief - by Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters - by Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson and The Titan's Curse - by Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson and The Battle of the Labyrinth - by Rick Riordan (reading now)
Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian - by Rick Riordan*
Savor the Moment - by Nora Roberts
Shalador's Lady - by Anne Bishop
The Charmed Sphere - by Catherine Asaro
The Dawn Star - by Catherine Asaro
The Fire Opal - by Catherine Asaro
The Misted Cliffs - by Catherine Asaro
The Night Bird - by Catherine Asaro
The Ruins of Ambrai - by Melanie Rawn
The Sugar Queen - by Sarah Addison Allen*

*to be read


Alice in Wonderland
Because I Said So
Behind Enemy Lines
Casino Royale
Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
Cold Mountain
Flower Girl
It's Complicated
Julie & Julia
Love Happens
Planet 51
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Public Enemies
Space Cowboys
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
The Town*
Valentine's Day
Whip It!
The Blindside*
The Wolfman
The Young Victoria


>>Blue Bloods
1x01 -
1x02 -
1x03 -
1x04 -
1x05 -

>>Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4x09 - Something Blue
4x11 - Doomed*
4x12 - A New Man*
4x19 - New Moon Rising*
4x20 - The Yoko Factor*
4x21 - Primeval*
4x22 - Restless*

5x11 - Triangle*

Season 1 - the complete season.

Season 2 - the complete season.

3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled*
3x03 - Let the Seller Beware*
3x04 - A Little Murder*
3x05 - Abra-Cadaver*
3x06 - The Execution of Catherine Willows*
3x07 - Fight Night*
3x08 - Snuff*
3x09 - Blood Lust*
3x10 - High and Low*
3x11 - Recipe for Murder*
3x12 - Got Murder?*
3x13 - Random Acts of Violence*
3x14 - One Hit Wonder*
3x15 - Lady Heather's Box*
3x16 - Lucky Strike*
3x17 - Crash & Burn*
3x18 - Precious Metal*
3x19 - A Night at the Movies*
3x20 - Last Laugh*
3x21 - Forever*
3x22 - Play with Fire*
3x23 - Inside the Box*

Season 1 - the complete season.

Season 2 - the complete season.

Season 3 - the complete season.

Season 4 - the complete season.

Season 5 - the complete season.

6x01 -

>>Doctor Who
1x01 - Rose
1x02 - The End of the World
1x03 - The Unquiet Dead
1x04 - Aliens of London
1x05 - World War Three
1x06 - Dalek
1x07 - The Long Game
1x08 - Father's Day
1x09 - The Empty Child
1x10 - The Doctor Dances
1x11 - Boom Town
1x12 - Bad Wolf
1x13 - The Parting of the Ways

2x01 -The Christmas Invasion
2x02 - New Earth
2x03 - Tooth and Claw
2x04 - School Reunion
2x05 - The Girl in the Fireplace
2x06 - Rise of the Cybermen
2x07 - The Age of Steel
2x08 - The Idiot's Lantern
2x09 - The Impossible Planet
2x10 - The Satan Pit
2x11 - Love and Monsters
2x12 - Fear Her
2x13 - Army of Ghosts
2x14 - Doomsday

3x01 - Smith and Jones
3x02 - The Shakespeare Code
3x03 - Gridlock
3x04 - Daleks in Manhattan
3x05 - Evolution of the Daleks
3x06 - The Lazarus Experiment
3x07 - 42
3x08 - Human Nature
3x09 - The Family of Blood
3x10 - Blink
3x11 - Utopia
3x12 - The Sound of Drums
3x13 - Last of the Time Lords


5x01 - The Eleventh Hour
5x02 - The Beast Below
5x03 - Victory of the Daleks
5x04 - The Time of Angels
5x05 - Flesh And Stone
5x06 - Vampires of Venice
5x07 - Amy's Choice
5x08 - The Hungry Earth
5x09 - Cold Blood
5x10 - Vincent and the Doctor
5x11 - The Lodger
5x12 - The Pandorica Opens
5x13 - The Big Bang

4x01 - Founder's Day
4x02 - A New World
4x03 - All the Rage
4x04 - The Story of O2
4x05 - Crossing Over
4x06 - Momstrosity
4x07 -  Stoned
4x08 - The Ex-Files
4x09 - I'll Be Seeing You

>>Ghost Hunters
6x01 - Alcatraz
6x02 - Fort Ticonderoga
6x10 - Norwich State

>>Ghost Hunters International
2x07 - Hitler's Ghost
2x08 - Silver Shadow
2x09 - Quarantine Station
2x10 - Port Arthur Penitentiary
2x11 - Tasmania Death Sentence
2x12 - San Lucas Prison
2x13 - The Legend of Rose Hall

>>Legend of the Seeker
2x01 - Marked
2x02 - Baneling
2x03 - Broken
2x04 - Touched
2x05 - Wizard
2x06 - Fury
2x07 - Resurrection
2x08 - Light
2x09 - Dark
2x10 - Perdition
2x11 - Torn
2x12 - Hunger
2x13 - Princess
2x14 - Bound
2x15 - Creator*
2x16 - Desecrated*
2x17 - Vengeance*
2x18 - Walter*
2x19 - Extinction*
2x20 - Eternity*
2x21 - Unbroken*
2x22 - Tears*

7x11 - Ignition
7x12 - Flesh and Blood
7x13 - Jet Lag
7x14 - Masquerade
7x15 - Jack Knife
7x16 - Mother's Day
7x17 - Double Identity
7x18 - Jurisdiction
7x19 - Guilty Pleasure
7x20 - Moonlighting
7x21 - Obsession
7x22 - Borderland
7x23 - Patriot Down
7x24 - Rule Fifty-One*

8x01 - Spider and the Fly*
8x02 - Worst Nightmare*

>>NCIS:Los Angeles
1x11 - Breach
1x12 - Past Lives
1x13 - Missing
1x14 - LD50
1x15 - The Bank Job
1x16 - Chinatown
1x17 - Full Throttle
1x18 - Blood Brothers
1x19 - Hand-to-Hand
1x20 - Fame
1x21 - Found
1x22 - Hunted
1x23 - Burned
1x24 - Callen, G*

2x01 - Human Traffic
2x02 - Black Widow
2x03 - Borderline
2x04 - Special Delivery*
2x05 - Little Angeles*

10x01 - Lazarus
10x02 - Shield
10x03 - Supergirl*
10x04 - Homecoming*
10x05 - Isis*
10x06 - Harvest*

5x14 - My Bloody Valentine
5x15 - Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
5x16 - Dark Side of the Moon
5x17 - 99 Problems
5x18 - Point of No Return
5x19 - Hammer of the Gods
5x20 - Let the Games Begin
5x21 - Two Minutes to Midnight
5x22 - Swan Song

6x01 - Exile on Main St.
6x02 - Two and a Half Men*
6x03 - The Third Man*
6x04 - Weekend at Bobby's*
6x05 - Live Free or Twi-Hard*
6x06 - You Can't Handle the Truth*
6x07 - Family Matters*
6x08 - All Dogs Go to Heaven*

1x01 - Everything Chances
1x02 - Day One
1x03 - Ghost Machine
1x04 - Cyberwoman
1x05 - Small Worlds
1x06 - Countrycide
1x07 - Greeks Bearing Gifts
1x08 - They Keep Killing Suzie
1x09 - Random Shoes
1x10 - Out of Time
1x11 - Combat
1x12 - Captain Jack Harkness
1x13 - End of Days

2x01 - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
2x02 - Sleeper*
2x03 - To the Last Man*
2x04 - Meat*
2x05 - Adam*

>>True Blood
3x01 - Bad Blood
3x02 - Beautifully Broken
3x03 - It Hurts Me Too
3x04 - 9 Crimes
3x05 - Trouble
3x06 - I Got a Right to Sing the Blues
3x07 - Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
3x08 - Night on the Sun
3x09 - Everything Is Broken
3x10 - I Smell a Rat

>>The Vampire Diaries
1x01 - Pilot
1x02 - The Night of the Comet
1x03 - Friday Night Bites
1x04 - Family Ties
1x05 - You're Undead to Me
1x06 - Lost Girls
1x07 - Haunted
1x08 - 162 Candles
1x09 - History Repeating
1x10 - The Turning Point
1x11 - Bloodlines
1x12 - Unpleasantville
1x13 - Children of the Damned
1x14 - Fool Me Once
1x15 - A Few Good Men
1x16 - There Goes the Neighborhood
1x17 - Let the Right One In
1x18 - Under Control
1x19 - Miss Mystic Falls*
1x20 - Blood Brothers*
1x21 - Isobel*
1x22 - Founder's Day*

*to be watched
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real name; rebecca a.k.a. 'mercy' [beck(y)]. patient profile.
Battlestar Galactica. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Charmed. Doctor Who. Eureka. Gilmore Girls.
Harry Potter
. Heroes. Highlander. Legend of the Seeker. Merlin. Mortal Instruments.
NCIS. Smallville. Star Wars. Stargate SG-1. Stargate Atlantis. Supernatural.
. Trueblood. The Vampire Diaries.

Battlestar Galactica - {Kara/Lee}.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - {Willow/Xander}. {Buffy/Spike}. {Buffy/Angel}.
- {Piper/Leo}. {Phoebe/Cole}.
Doctor Who - {Rose/10}. {Amy/11}.
Gilmore Girls - {Rory/Logan}. {Rory/Tristan}. {Rory/Jess}. {Rory/Finn}. {Rory/Colin}. {Lorelai/Luke}.
Harry Potter - {Hermione/Draco}. {Hermione/Blaise}. {Hermione/Lucius}. {Hermione/Severus}.
                         {Hermione/Sirius}. {Harry/Draco}. {Pansy/Harry}. {Rose/Scorpius}.
Legend of the Seeker - {Kahlan/Richard}.
Mortal Instruments - {Clary/Jace}.
NCIS - {Ziva/Tony}. {Abby/McGee}.
Smallville - {Lois/Clark}. {Chloe/Oliver}. {Chloe/Lex}.
Star Wars - {Jaina/Jag}. {Jaina/Kyp}. {Tenel Ka/Jacen}. {Mara Jade/Luke}. {Leia/Han}. {Tahiri/Anakin}.
Stargate Atlantis - {Sheppard/Weir}. {Ronan/Teyla}. {Sheppard/Teyla}. {Lorne/Cadman}. {Carson/Cadman}.
Supernatural - {Dean/Chloe Sullivan !Crossover}.
Torchwood - {Gwen/Jack}.
Trueblood - {Sookie/Eric}.
The Vampire Diaries - {Elena/Stefan}. {Elena/Damon}.

catherine asaro.  anne bishop. jacqueline carey. christine feehan. 
laurell k hamilton.
kim harrison. ernest hemingway. sherrilyn kenyon.
melissa marr. karen marie monning. vicki pettersson. melanie rawn.
nora roberts.
j k rowling. maria v snyder. leo tolstoy. kurt vonnegut.
(in absolutely no order.)

bear mccreary. beastie boys. beck. creedence clearwater revival.
danny elfman. deftones. flogging molly. garbage. hans zimmer.
hoverphonic. iamx. incubus. jerry goldsmith. john williams.
judas priest. lady gaga. led zeppelin. lily allen. michael giacchino.
rammstein. sneaker pimps. x-ray dog. 311.

i'm a soundtrack whore. (etc...)
music owns my soul.

jensen ackles. christian bale. robert downey jr. jeremy dufour.
james franco. boyd holbrook. jason isaacs. chris pine. 
zachary quinto. david tennant. karl urban.


 alexis bledel. emily blunt. helena bonham carter. anne hathaway.
julianna margulies. rose mcgowan. ellen page. rachel weisz. kate winslet.


annapolis. avatar. behind enemy lines. casino royale. catch and release. chain reaction.
definitely, maybe. dogma. eagle eye. fight club. fool's gold. hackers. hellboy. hellboy II.
hocus pocus. inside man. interview with a vampire. iron man. jay and silent bob strike back.
kate and leopold. kiss kiss, bang bang. kung foo panda. labyrinth. little women. made of honor.
miracle. mulan. munich. no reservations. pinapple express. practical magic. pretty in pink. p.s. i love you.
psycho. pulp fiction. remember the titans. shakespeare in love. she's the man. spirited away. star trek.
the boondock saints. the bourne identity. the bourne supremacy. the bourne ultimatum. the dark knight.
the departed. the devil wears prada. the emperor's new groove. the family stone. the fountain.
the holiday. the international. the prestige. the rocky horror picture show. transformers. twister.
v for vendetta. whip it!

Through these links you will find various stories, which focus on Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. If you have any suggestions on the format of this rec list or any suggestions of stories to add, please feel free to leave a comment.

On another note, I hope this is useful to anyone who comes across it. I know it has certainly made my fanfiction life (lol) more easy. (Note: This rec list will be updated as time goes on..) Enjoy!

- My ultimate favorites.

Harry Potter Rec List - [Fanfic]

Harry Potter Rec List - [Dramione Edition]
(Updated 05/01/2009)

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17 December 2008 @ 01:24 am
Through these links you will find various stories. Most of which include and/or focus on Hermione Granger and other Harry Potter characters. If you have any suggestions on the format of this rec list or any suggestions of stories to add, please feel free to leave a comment.

On another note, I hope this is useful to anyone who comes across it. I know it has certainly made my fanfiction life (lol) more easy. (Note: This rec list will be updated as time goes on..) Enjoy!

Harry Potter Rec List - [Dramione Edition]

Harry Potter Rec List
(Updated 04/28/2009)

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01 September 1999 @ 10:49 pm
HERE BE CREDITS!!!Collapse )


blue vertigo


If you see something that you recognize as yours and I have not given you credit I apologize. There are so many wonderful texture makers out there, its hard sometimes to separate all of you. So please, let me know so that I can give you your well deserved credit. Thanks!


Updated 03/19/2010